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BIANCHISCHWALD – the hallmark of personal service and excellence. Our established and highly reputable lawyers have many years of experience between them and demonstrate a passionate enthusiasm when it comes to handling your affairs. We act as your trusted partner, leveraging the pooled know-how of our network to deliver competent and solution-driven legal advice. While our expertise resides, first and foremost, in law, we never fail to retain an overview of the business and commercial aspects of any mandate. Many of our attorneys also have the requisite corporate background. From our offices in Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne and Bern we put together expert teams tailored to meet your specific individual requirements. Our long-standing client-base includes entrepreneurs and innovative SMEs as well as stock market-quoted companies and international concerns. Each and every one of our partners and associates has a common goal: the provision of integrated and innovative solutions for our clients. For you.


Your vision is our focus

When enthusiasm is coupled with experience, the result is excellence.

At BianchiSchwald, we bundle the expertise of accredited law practitioners from all of our offices, thereby placing the sum of their compre¬hensive legal know-how at your disposal. Together, we work passionately towards a single goal: your success.


Personal support as a key to success

With 16 partners and some 50 lawyers and legal professionals, BianchiSchwald is well-positioned to deliver outstanding legal advice at local, national and international levels. With our combined wealth of experience, passion and personal commitment, we strive to ensure the success of our clients.

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news 4 September 2019

Increase Switzerland’s attractiveness for startups, their founders and employees through well-considered tax measures

Read Sébastien Maury’s blog (as co-writer) about measures that Switzerland should consider to implement in order to boost its startup environment.

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news 23 August 2019

Les certificats médicaux : tous malades ?

Me Stéphanie Fuld, Me Elodie Le Guen et Me Patrick Ocak ont le plaisir de vous inviter le jeudi 10 octobre prochain à leur conférence-débat, dont le thème sera le suivant :
Les employeurs doivent faire face à l’absentéisme au travail et se voient régulièrement remettre des certificats médicaux entrainant d’importantes conséquences financières et juridiques. Ces certificats médicaux, parfois « à géométrie variable », contradictoires, lacunaires, antidatés voire même de complaisance, soulèvent de nombreuses questions ayant un impact sur la vie des entreprises.
Ces problématiques seront abordées avec un panel de spécialistes régulièrement amenés à les traiter.
Les places étant limitées, nous vous invitons à vous inscrire d'ici au vendredi 13 septembre 2019.

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news 21 August 2019

The injunction of Art. 292 of the Swiss Criminal Code (contempt of official order) targeting a company

In this article, Matthias Bourqui highlights the current system applicable to contempt of official order (art. 292 of the Swiss Criminal Code) when it is committed by a company and identifies its main weaknesses, before addressing potential solutions to create a more stable regime.

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