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BIANCHISCHWALD combines the well-established experience and recognised expertise of two reputable law firms, each with its own successful history as a trusted advisor. We created an integrated One Firm approach driven by a culture of cooperation among all our legal experts. With offices in Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne and Bern, BianchiSchwald brings together expert teams tailored to the needs of our clients with backgrounds in diverse industry sectors – from the innovative entrepreneur to the listed international group. Our 12 partners and some 50 legal professionals strive to achieve one common goal: the success of our clients.


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BianchiSchwald is a full-service business law firm. Our advisory focus is on complex legal and tax issues in all fields of law.

Our attorneys provide comprehensive business law advice and representation in court or arbitration proceedings. We combine our know-how to deliver tailor-made legal solutions, always putting our clients first.


Personal support as a key to success

With 14 partners and some 50 lawyers and legal professionals, BianchiSchwald is well-positioned to deliver outstanding legal advice at local, national and international levels. With our combined wealth of experience, passion and personal commitment, we strive to ensure the success of our clients.

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news 22 October 2018

Preventive detention as a means to ensure the expulsion of a convicted person, in light of the decision of the Swiss Supreme Court 1B_61/2017 of March 29 2017 (ATF/BGE 143 IV 168)

In an article published in the specialized criminal law review ForumPoenale, Matthias Bourqui and Clara Wack discuss the current regime applicable to the preventive incarceration of people sentenced to an expulsion from the Swiss territory in order to guarantee that their expulsion will be executed. A recent decision of the Swiss Supreme Court sheds more light on this technical issue but still remains insufficient to provide clear legal conditions when the person is convicted to a suspended sentence but is nevertheless sent back to jail to wait for his expulsion.

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news 16 October 2018

Collectivity VS “a la carte” pension plan

Within the AGEFI’s monthly Supplément “Indices”, Dominique Christin explains a recent decision from the Federal Court regarding pension plans and the fact that the “collectivity” principle should always be respected. Indeed, the Federal Court rejects any “a la carte” plan, even when it concerns supplementary plans.

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news 12 October 2018

Tech M&A Conference in Geneva – October 16th

After two seminars in June, Corum and BianchiSchwald continue their fruitful cooperation coorganising a new seminar on the latest Tech M&A market trends in Geneva. During this presentation, especially designed for IT and related technology companies, our experts will provide an overview of the M&A market trends and will present the important aspects to take into account when running an M&A process.

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