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7 octobre 2019
Upcoming AGDA’s seminar on provisional measures - Updates and good practices (continued)

Manuel Bianchi della Porta and Norbert Schenk will take part in the next AGDA’s seminar as speakers. This event will take place in Geneva, on November 20th, 2019. Manuel and Norbert will focus on the interim measures in the context of conflicts among shareholders.

2 octobre 2019
Tax Reform: Opportunities for innovative businesses in the international environment

BianchiSchwald’s first tax law event in Zurich was a great success. Sébastien Maury (Partner in the Tax Practice Group) and Christoph Gasser (Partner in charge of the IP practice group) started by presenting the main measures of the last Swiss tax reform, focusing on the new tax incentives for innovation, namely the patent box and R&D superdeductions. Laurence Clot and Brent Springael, Partners with BianchiSchwald’s international partner law firm Bird & Bird, then provided a short overview about the tax incentives available in Europe and, in particular in their respective countries, France and Belgium. Following the presentations, Senior Partner Hans-Peter Schwald moderated a vivid and insightful discussion among Dr. Jürg B. Altorfer (Counsel with the Zurich Cantonal Tax Administration), Francesca Stockburger (Head of Tax at Autoneum Management AG), Martin Naville (CEO Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce) and Kevin Leuthardt (CEO and Co-founder of KSquared GmbH). The participants then had the opportunity to network and further discuss the topic in small groups during the cocktail that followed. We thank everyone for the throughout positive feedback and for joining our event!

1 octobre 2019
Latest contribution of Dominique Christin in L’AGEFI: Heirs and banking accounts

Within the AGEFI’s monthly Supplément “Indices”, Dominique Christin presents the rights of legal heirs to obtain confidential information about the bank account of a deceased person including the payment made out of the account during his/her lifetime.

Increase Switzerland’s attractiveness for startups, their founders and employees through well-considered tax measures
4 septembre 2019

Read Sébastien Maury’s blog (as co-writer) about measures that Switzerland should consider to implement in order to boost its startup environment.

Les certificats médicaux : tous malades ?
23 août 2019

Me Stéphanie Fuld, Me Elodie Le Guen et Me Patrick Ocak ont le plaisir de vous inviter le jeudi 10 octobre prochain à leur conférence-débat, dont le thème sera le suivant :
Les employeurs doivent faire face à l’absentéisme au travail et se voient régulièrement remettre des certificats médicaux entrainant d’importantes conséquences financières et juridiques. Ces certificats médicaux, parfois « à géométrie variable », contradictoires, lacunaires, antidatés voire même de complaisance, soulèvent de nombreuses questions ayant un impact sur la vie des entreprises.
Ces problématiques seront abordées avec un panel de spécialistes régulièrement amenés à les traiter.
Les places étant limitées, nous vous invitons à vous inscrire d'ici au vendredi 13 septembre 2019.

21 août 2019
"Achat d'un logement: les pièges à éviter"

In a cover-page reference article by Bilan magazine, Partner Yves de Coulon, FSA certified expert in Real Estate & Construction law, gives advices to mitigate the risks for individuals when buying a to-be-built housing property.