Art law

Art market professionals, amateurs and collectors face numerous legal and tax challenges related to the acquisition, holding, exhibition and sale of works of art. Our role in this context is to accompany them throughout the various stages of their activities. Our expertise in the field of art law covers advice to artists, collectors, art galleries and other professional actors of the art market and concerns in particular their organization as well as questions of valuation of works of art, their importation, the tax treatment of their holding and sale, advice in the context of litigation and economic advice.



  • Advice on the acquisition, holding and sale of works of art for all market participants;
  • Advice to individuals and art lovers on the organization of their collection, its valuation and tax consequences;
  • Advice on importing and exporting works of art in Switzerland;
  • Advice to institutional actors on the organization of their activities as well as on potential tax exemption;
  • Advice to legal practitioners in the context of litigation before criminal authorities as well as civil and arbitration courts in Switzerland in matters relating to art law.

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