Information Technology, Media and Data Protection

BianchiSchwald has a broad and solid expertise in the field of Information Technology (IT) and data protection. Over the past decade the team has worked regularly for the IT industry and the online media and dealt with data protection issues, the procurement, use, distribution, licensing, transfer and protection of technology and IT security issues. Today our services cover most areas of advanced technologies (mobile apps, cloud, sales platforms, integrated electronic devices, etc.) and are specialized in advising corporate clients on the collection, storage, treatment, exchange and exploitation of electronic data. We are a leading practice in protecting personal privacy social networks and e-medias. We rely on a highly qualified network of lawyers for any type of cross border projects in the IT and data management field.



  • Handling IT outsourcing projects;
  • Advising clients on software licensing;
  • Assisting clients with agreements on e-commerce, system integration and data processing;
  • Due diligence of data management and assessment of compliance with data protection regulations;
  • Assisting corporate clients in developing Client Relationship Management (CRM) tools and other IT tools;
  • Protecting clients’ reputations on the Internet;
  • Representing clients before the cantonal and federal data protection authorities;
  • Advising clients on cyber criminality;
  • Helping clients with e-commerce strategies and promotional actions on the Internet;
  • Advising suppliers and clients in connection with services on the cloud.

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