Litigation and Arbitration

The Romans used to say: “No right without proper remedy”. Taking legal action is a difficult decision to make, but sometimes proves the only viable option. The litigation team of BianchiSchwald has a passion for advocacy and puts the same energy into routine cases as into complex multinational disputes. Our approach remains the same: careful planning of the trial, selection of the most efficient course of action, reasonable assessment of the merits of the case, focus on results and avoidance of protracted disputes. We are well equipped to sustain heavy litigation and allocate significant resources in a tight timeframe when necessary (e.g. requests for a pre-trial attachments or interlocutory measures). We have also developed a practice in the arbitration field. The litigation team collaborates with our other internal teams whenever required.



  • Representation of clients in domestic and international commercial litigation;
  • Advice on dispute resolution strategies;
  • Handling of administrative proceedings before courts and agencies;
  • Representation of owners, shareholders and board members in corporate disputes;
  • Assistance in criminal matters, including white collar crimes;
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments;
  • Handling international administrative and judicial assistance.

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