1 February 2024

Sponsoring the UZH Moot Court Team

BianchiSchwald is currently sponsoring the UZH Moot Court Team, consisting of Mr. Franco Fischer, Ms. Mila Grönros, Ms.Nathalie Kneisel Ms.Annalena Schläpfer and. Ms. Andrea Staudenmann and supported by Ms.Francesca Borio, in view of its participation in the Vis Moot Court 2024 in Hong Kong. A successful trial run with the arbitrators Dr. Christoph Gasser, Mr. Cyrill Süess and Dr. Richard Meyer of BianchiSchwald as well as spectators of the BianchiSchwald team took place in our Zurich office on January 31, 2024.

We wish the UZH Moot Court Team every success!

Photo (from left to right):
Franco Fischer, Christoph Gasser, Nathalie Kneisel, Mila Grönros, Cyrill Süess, Annalena Schläpfer, Andrea Staudenmann, Richard Meyer, Francesca Borio