27 November 2020

Yves de Coulon will chair the board of directors of the new Bonhôte-Immobilier SICAV

The legal transformation of the Bonhôte-Immobilier fund, whose total assets reach more than one billion, into an open-ended investment company (SICAV) will be effective at the beginning of January 2021. Partner Yves de Coulon, head of BianchiSchwald’s Real estate department, will chair the Board of Directors of the new SICAV, which will also include two representatives of Banque Bonhôte, Mr. Jean-Paul Jeckelmann and Ms. Géraldine Bosshart Brodard. Bonhôte-Immobilier will also proceed in December with a capital increase of approximately CHF 75 million through an issue of new shares in the fund.